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Artist Notes


In my recent paintings I have been working with a storyboard format. These paintings are based upon drawings that I have made in my sketchbooks.

The drawings are originally done in ink and charcoal. I scale them up on canvas board using a high density, liquid acrylic that simulate the ink lines and regular acrylic paint mixed with gel to imitate the charcoal.

As with the drawings, the line work comes first and then I turn the work upside down to develop the shading and volume abstractly.

My first series was a chapter from a graphic novel I wrote. The words I painted on gessoed paper in dialogue balloons and then pasted them onto the canvas boards.

In my second and third series of storyboards, I stopped putting words on the paintings, but I continued to use the collage technique in order to make changes in the works

In many of the recent storyboard paintings, I have been rearranging and redrawing comic book pages from the forties

and fifties. 


David Hales , 2015

David Hales was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, 1956. Since studying art at Pratt Institute (1979) and Columbia University (1981), he has exhibited his paintings in many solo and group shows and has work in many private collections. He currently lives and works in New York City.

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